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Play Cricket

11. Preparation and maintenance of the playing area
When a cricket ball is bowled it almost always bounces on the pitch, and the behaviour of the ball is greatly influenced by the condition of the pitch. As a consequence, detailed rules on the management of the pitch are necessary. This law contains the rules governing how pitches should be prepared, mown, rolled, and maintained.
12. Covering the pitch
The pitch is said to be covered when the groundsmen have placed covers on it to protect it against rain or dew. The laws stipulate that the regulations on covering the pitch shall be agreed by both captains in advance. The decision concerning whether to cover the pitch greatly affects how the ball will react to the pitch surface, as a ball bounces differently on wet ground as compared to dry ground. The area beyond the pitch where a bowler runs so as to deliver the ball (the runup) should ideally be kept dry so as to avoid injury through slipping and falling, and the Laws also require these to be covered wherever possible when there is wet weather.
13. Innings
Before the game, the teams agree whether it is to be over one or two innings, and whether either or both innings are to be limited by time or by overs. In practice, these decisions are likely to be laid down by Competition Regulations, rather than pregame agreement. In twoinnings games, the sides bat alternately unless the followon (law 13) is enforced. An innings is closed once all batsmen are dismissed, no further batsmen are fit to play, the innings is declared or forfeited by the batting captain, or any agreed time or over limit is reached. The captain winning the toss of a coin decides whether to bat or to bowl first.
14. The follow on
In a two innings match, if the side batting second scores substantially fewer runs than the side batting first, the side that batted first can force their opponents to bat again immediately. The side that enforced the followon risks not getting to bat again and thus the chance of winning. For a game of five or more days, the side batting first must be at least 200 runs ahead to enforce the followon; for a three or fourday game, 150 runs; for a twoday game, 100 runs; for a oneday game, 75 runs. The length of the game is determined by the number of scheduled days play left when the game actually begins.
15. Declaration and forfeiture
The batting captain can declare an innings closed at any time when the ball is dead. He may also forfeit his innings before it has started.
16. Intervals
There are intervals between each days play, a tenminute interval between innings, and lunch, tea and drinks intervals. The timing and length of the intervals must be agreed before the match begins. There are also provisions for moving the intervals and interval lengths in certain situations, most notably the provision that if nine wickets are down, the tea interval is delayed to the earlier of the fall of the next wicket and 30 minutes elapsing.
17. Start of play or cessation of play
Play after an interval commences with the umpires call of Play, and at the end of a session by Time. The last hour of a match must contain at least 20 overs, being extended in time so as to include 20 overs if necessary.
18. Practice on the field
There may be no batting or bowling practice on the pitch except before the days play starts and after the days play has ended. Bowlers may only have trial runups if the umpires are of the view that it would waste no time
19. Scoring runs
Runs are scored when the two batsmen run to each others end of the pitch. Several runs can be scored from one ball.
20. Boundaries
A boundary is marked round the edge of the field of play. If the ball is hit into or past this boundary, four runs are scored, or six runs if the ball didnt hit the ground before crossing the boundary.

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