parachute activity

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Cat and Mouse

Parachute Activity

Cat and Mouse

Students are all holding the parachute. Teacher walks around chute and taps every other student (you cant tap students standing next to one another or there wont be anyone left to hold the parachute youll get the students you miss the second time around). When you tap the students, alternate by telling the first student they are a mouse, the next they are a cat, the next they are a mouse, etc. until you have about three cats and three mice. Mice crawl under the parachute and hide. Cats crawl carefully on hands and knees on top of the parachute with their eyes closed. When whistle blows (or music starts), students still holding parachute make big waves. Mice crawl around underneath and try to avoid being tagged through the parachute by the cats. Cats open their eyes and crawl around the parachute, trying to tag as many mice as possible. IMPORTANT when their turn is up, they must go back to the same spot that they originated so you dont skip anyones turn.

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