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Around the World

Parachute Activity

Around the World

First, we are going to a rain forest in South America. Raise the chute up and leave it up until it comes down. While it is up, have 1s, 2s, etc. walk under the chute to a new spot. Next, take them to Antarctica. They must cross the ocean, so have them make waves. It was so cold down there we had to get inside an igloo. Have students raise the chute and sit inside of it. Next we went to Africa for some cave exploring. Have the students raise the chute, come down, and poke only their head inside. From there, we went to Europe to the Eiffel Tower. Have students raise the chute and take three huge steps toward the middle so the chute goes up very high. From there, we crossed the mountains into Asia. Have students raise the chute and put it under their knees on the ground. Call 1s, 2s, etc., and have them crawl to a different place while the chute is up. Next is Australia known for sharks. (Follow plans above for Crocodile, Shark, etc.). Finally, we headed back home to good old North America and Wichita, Kansas. Kansas is knows for TORNADOES. Have students shake the chute rapidly.

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