parachute activity

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Parachute Activity

41. Jingle Bells
Music Jingle Bells One large parachute for the whole class. Jingle Bells...Shake the parachute Dashing through the snow...walk, skip, and gallop around the parachute, whatever way the teacher chooses. You can modify this for different grade levels. Its easy and the kids love it. Move the way the music makes you feel. The song is also OK for those students that do not celebrate Christmas. I have also used those wiffle balls with bells in them and they shake them and make them jingle or pop up.
42. Solid Liquid and Gas
Procedure 4 6 kids sitting in the middle. They are the solid. The remainder of the kids is the energy. 1. The energy walks around the solid molecules, and the parachute is twisting around the solid (safety, make certain the parachute stays low on their bottoms) 2. The energy pulls back on the parachute turning the solid into liquid. 3. The energy shakes the parachute and the liquid molecules turn to gas molecules and the gas molecules run around on the shaking parachute (such and ripples and waves)
43. Parachute Gymnastics
During our gymnastics unit, we put all of our available mats in a rectangle or square and then pull out the parachute. After lifting the parachute up nice and high, we take turns doing a roll in towards the center and a roll out towards the edge. It is one of our favorite parachute activities. It is possible to do a 2 person or 3 person balance as well creating a mini pyramid.
44. Hot Potato
Make a mountain turn and sit down with back to the mountain and pass a ball around the chute when the center part hits the floor or a certain amount of time blow whistle and whoever has a ball gets a point against themselves. Usually start with 3 5 balls. The object is to see who has the least amount of points.
45. Igloo
My kids like to sit under the parachute (Igloo) and sings songs. We also like to put just our heads under and see if we can all take turns saying our names, favorite hobby, favorite food, etc. before the center of the parachute touches the floor.
46. Basket of Heads
Begin with parachute on the ground. 1 2 3 up and inflate chute on signal, go down onto knees lie down tuck only head under chute (hands hold onto chute as if a scarf is tied around head) let the chuckles begin!
47. Ghostbusters
The old popping popcorn. I took mini white pillow cases (homemade) magic marker ghost eyes on them fill with balloon of soft ball (7 size) tie with rubber band play Ghostbusters music and pop the ghosts on the parachute.
48. Volcano
Begin with parachute on ground. Several (4 5) gator balls (or ghosts) on chute. 1 2 3 up and inflate chute. Just before chute is inflated, quickly say down and students bring chute down watch the balls flip and fly to the ceiling.
49. Hair dryer
Off students 1 5 around the chute. Call one number, those students enter the chute underneath as it is raised and sit down in the center of the chute. As the chute lowers, the outside students make waves. Try to keep chute tight over their heads. On signal, raise the chute and watch the students who are sitting under the chute hair rise. It is hilarious. Dont try this if we have had any reports of head mites.

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