parachute activity

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Parachute Activity

21. Parachute Fun
Have students evenly spaced around edge of chute. They roll the edge 2 3 rolls to make a handle and hold chute with knuckles up, palms down grip. Establish how players will take turns by color of stripe or mark at their place. Review signals. Ready Players touch parachute to their knees or waist Up Players straighten legs and lift chute overhead with elbows straight. Down Players bring chute back to knees or waist on signal. Slam the Door. Players bring chute to ground and hold air inside by sealing edge with hands or knees.
22. Merry go round
Players holding chute raise it up and down while some players run around on top of shaking chute for 15 20 seconds. Variation Inside players roll around.
23. Soccer
3 6 players are on the chute with an earth ball or nerf balls. They attempt to kick ball off chute while players holding the chute block by raising the chute. Switch center players after 20 sec.
24. Climb the mountain
Players follow commands, Ready, Up, Down and seal the edge with their knees. Several players run up the mountain of air to the hole, turn around and run back down without falling down. Variations Several players exchange places across the mountain. Cross the mountain Several players exchange places across the mountain. Groundhog Several players go under the mountain and one by one crawl out the hole and run back to their places. Trolls Players secure edge of inflated chute with their hands. All extend their feet back, place tummy on ground, put head under and make faces. Hideout As players are bringing chute down they take 1 step toward center, bring chute down behind them and sit on edge. Aquarium Before inflating chute teacher chooses some players to be aquatic animals (fish, sea horse, crabs, etc.) As players inflate chute aquatic creatures go into aquarium. On down remaining players kneel and seal the edge. Creatures swim until chute deflates. Lift chute and peek into aquarium. May use other imagery like rain forest, desert, and arctic.
25. Worms
Several players go under the chute in their places and crawl on the grass toward the center. One by one they come our through the hole and crawl back to their places.
26. Crab Soccer
Players keep several balls moving across chute by kicking while seated or with bottoms lifted off the ground. When a ball gets stuck in front of a player he crab walks to ball and kicks. Variation 4 5 players are active and crab walk on parachute attempting to kick balls off. Outside players catch or trap balls. Rotate active players after 20 sec.
27. Marbles
A target ball is placed in the center. Balls are distributed to several outside players. Object is to hit the target ball and knock it to the outside. Players must keep their knees on the edge of chute. Time group with stopwatch so they can beat their time each round.
28. Candy Wrapper
Several players sit in the center of the chute. On signal others walk in 1 direction. Players inside get wrapped up like a Hershey kiss. When chute is as high as their shoulders outside players back up quickly. Chute unwinds and gives center players a spin.
29. Tug of war
Chute Flat in the Air. Players hold the rolled edge of chute waist high with enough tension to keep it flat. Group adjacent players into teams. On signal Go all players pull chute and attempt to move it in their direction.
30. Big Wheel
Chute Flat in the Air. Players hold the rolled edge of chute waist high with enough tension to keep it flat. All players hold chute with 1 hand and walk, run or stop on command. To stop they turn towards center, hold chute with both hands and bend knees. One player (or teacher) gives commands with this chant Big wheel, big wheel, go so slow players walk Big wheel, big wheel, go so fast players jog Big wheel, big wheel, step on the gas (players run) or step on the brake (players stop)

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