new year poems

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New Year Poems

New Year Poems are a great way to convey new year wishes to your friends and family.
31. The farewell night
Kindly sleep and farewell Our friendship will soon expel For three sixty five days long Warm relation was so strong The last midnight of melancholy The last minute of full tizzy Too sob to tell you adieu Time frame will pass through You assisted to dress my life To move forward to final line You powered my body and soul To print a success year goal You take me to your successor Then say goodbye after referred You wish good luck to my life Further route to be survived
32. A brand new life
A BRAND NEW LIFE! In time of peace, preach me. In time of conflict, teach... When life is forsaken When strife is a hearkened A fool will never win. No skills for boob to give The game of the chicken Tame to be no bigger A mind to do, endure A brain to have, a cure Newfangled in its essence A tangled quintessence
33. The Dream of a New Year
Today we celebrate the beginning of the New Year for the sons and daughters of Israel As the prayer says life is the dream that flies away Well, now is the time to take stock of ourselves breathe a deep sigh for all that has gone before and look ahead confidently into the future We lift our voices in song and our hearts in prayer The Book of Life opens and our fate is inscribed in it The world is still a vast and sometimes dangerous place With our eyes wide open we prepare ourselves for the New Year The blasts from the shofar cut through the autumn air signaling hope for Israel and the diaspora On this autumn day We should recall the sacrifices of our forefathers and attempt to live up to those standards Not an easy task but a necessary one LShanah Tovah
34. Hit the target
t a r g XXXXXXXX e X X L XXX Hit the target Hit the target Hit the target X L o V E e X X V XXX g X X E XXX r a t
35. Chinese new year
Spring festival Auspicious colours Painting town red Reunion dinner Grand celebration Hearts aligned Homeward bound To gather again Good times come around Joy sings Spring chorus; Familiar red packets Laughing faces Jolly feasting: Memory subscribes
36. Hoppin john
If you eat Hoppin John on New Years Day, its a sure thing good luck will come your way. At least down south, thats what they say. In a bowl or on a plate, Hoppin John looks nice. Those field peas, bacon, and onions go well with rice. Serve it with green leafy vegetables that are supposed to resemble money. Putting a coin under each bowl looks like something funny. Doing so is a harbinger of prosperity. Yellow corn bread is symbolic of gold. That is also to bring wealth, so I am told. The next day, Hoppin John becomes Skippin Jenny. That is what to eat if you are pinching the penny. Further wealth results from frugality.
37. Spinning tops
ah awake to another year floating to the past pattern borne fractal motes half sentimental annual reflection half melancholic galaxy disks of fond memory formulas charted in aerodynamics and bird flight the language of god in the tumble of a womans hair repetitions of solar orbits and underlying equations magnify the events of lives lived small a sneeze burns old growth forests a laugh brings monsoons rain arbitrary acts made sense random in selection worlds created history far far too large to truly get
38. January haikus
Singing Auld Lang Syne, Cheering and kissing strangers; Tomorrow, to work. Comes in with a cheer; Intentions, resolutions Forgotten next year.
39. The trickster
THE TRICKSTER Oh, mighty time, What a trickster you are, Presenting, each year, Your old wrinkled face, As new!

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