new year poems

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New Year Poems

New Year Poems are a great way to convey new year wishes to your friends and family.
21. A new year a new me
2015 will come with many changes. Not only is it my last semester of high school, But my last time being a kid. In August of 2015 I will head to college. Six hours away, leaving my friends and family. when I get there I hope to change one thing about me, My work ethic. On and off the field I will strive for greatness. Inside and outside of the classroom I am determined to find success. I will do whatever it takes. A new year, A new me.
22. Fail to Resolve
I want to lose weight boring same resolution as last year and the year before why cant I think of an original idea or follow through on my promise to myself friends I know can do it my sister can do it I fail every time I think my resolution should probably be to make a new resolution
23. Visions of match stick girl
New Years Eve came in the dark, on the cobbled stone street On frigid snow and bitter cold, on the little shoeless, hatless girl Visions of the match stick girl came through Her name was Mary; lost like a little lamb in fog and ice London has that effect on fragile things in England winters She lost her parents too and oversized slippers there The ones her mum once wore and gave to her with such care Mother, father and slippers gone in an instance in the snow Rolled over by two speeding carriages that killed them cold She sells her match sticks by the River Ripper Signs read, No guns or knives permitted about the wharf
24. Ring out the bells
Lets all bring out the bells and ring out to up high in the sky Then into the flying clouds; the frostiest light Upon this year an indefinite dying of the night Bring out the bells and then all will die. As we all will ring out, and then ring in the new Well ring many happy bells, across the crystalline snow The end of the year is going, so let us all let him go Let all of us let go of false, then ring in true. As many must ring out many a grief that soars the mind, That many of those here will see no more For many can feud within the rich and the poor As we all can redress too many of mankind. Many a people can ring out slowly of dying cause Of ancient of forms all party of strife For people of nobler ring out the modes of life As they are all sweetened manners of slight laws. Cast out and ring out the want all of the harmful sin Among all the faithless of undue coldness of all the times; As we ring out, right out of mournful rhymes, Unto all we shall ring all the beauty of minstrel in. Then alas well all ring out shapes of old and all foul disease For Christ will ring out the narrowing of lust and gold In many of old then will ring out a thousand years of hardened wars of old All ye, shall all ring out a thousand years of will full and true peace.
25. A little air please
Breathing is an important thing to do I think I will resolve to do it too Through and through the New Year I think I will start at the stroke of twelve And make it my New Years resolution Take one breath at a time and call it mine Swallow air, as if it is my very first time And then for good measure I resolve to do it again Breath once in and once out Throughout the year I hope I get it right Sometimes Im confused and I forget Should I start with an exhale first Then do the inhale next? I want to do the New Year right If I hold my breath too long Will I lose my life? Will I become addicted?
26. A new moon
A chalky moon rises, from still air, drawn on smooth, blue black paper sky. A New Years eve like this, seems too calm to be real, to feel nothing but peace; snow covers tree branches like fleece, yet I am warmed by a fire inside, wrapped tight in the starry glow of tomorrows promise. As this years memories glide across my heart, all the love flows through me like oxygen, beginning with the purest breath of youthful innocence, me and you, under a diamond cut crescent moon. Many picturesque nights have come and gone since then the me and you now we a family. Somewhere a clock chimes twelve times, when your first kiss of the new year wakes me from my nostalgic dreams, my joy returns to the moment, a new year, new memories, a love more real, more true, than the chalky moon.
27. NEW years eve
New Years Eve. The beer is in the cooler the tv is tuned in to the ball drop. I be ready and willing to Kick in the New Year. Chips and dip and soda pop to. Gin and rum may bring a grin. Ready to count down is all most here I think Ill take a short nap. Ill sleep till the guest all get here What a party Ill have next year.
28. Happy holidays
Happy Holidays to all, as we rejoice and celebrate A time of magic and wonder in our lives to date People of all nations joyously cheering Partaking and enjoying the delights so endearing Yule logs in the fire abundantly blazing Heavenly warmth through the hearth, so amazing Ornaments and tinsel dancing on the tree Lights brightly sparkling sharing so much glee Indulging all the senses with wonder and amazement Drawing family in with love and jubilation, quietly Announcing their arrival with hearts full of praise Young ones having so much fun entertaining everyone Silent becomes the night, with heavenly peace and calm for days
29. Sequence
Sequence Christmas; Too much food Milk and cookies Crumbs in Santas white beard Ho Ho! New Years; Hats and horns Headache brewing Sleeping in profoundly Till morn
30. A year gone by
2014 was a lively year We shared a smile And shed a tear We won some gold We lost the ball Scotland stayed with us all A royal baby Another due A carpet of poppies in full view Hidden weapons Wars not peace Will the fighting ever cease? 2015 is a mystery now We wait to see What and how

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