myth about alcohol

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Mixing alcohol with energy drinks makes you drunker

Myth about Alcohol

The term alcohol originally referred to the primary alcohol ethyl alcohol,
Mixing alcohol with energy drinks makes you drunker

An energy rush from caffeine as a higher level of drunk. But energy drinks dont actually enhance the relaxed and sociable feeling caused by a few drinks. Instead, caffeine masks the sedative effects of alcohol that often cue people to stop drinking . As a result, people are tricked into thinking they have more energy than they actually do, which can push them to continue drinking Energy drinks alter the perception of how intoxicated we really are, but have no direct effect on how those shots hit us. One exception? Mixing alcohol with diet soda may actually increase intoxication .

If a person drinks long enough they will become alcoholic
Hangovers are nothing to worry about
There is an addiction gene
Coffee is the cure
Eating Before Bed Reduces Hangover
Beer gives Beer Bellies
Everyone drinks
Lite beers will help you lose weight
Its just beer It cant permanently damage you
Taking Aspirin Before Drinking Helps Reduce Hangovers
You cant get a hangover from drinking organic beer
Alcohol is a mild social lubricant
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