myth about alcohol

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Dark beers are stronger in alcohol

Myth about Alcohol

The term alcohol originally referred to the primary alcohol ethyl alcohol,
Dark beers are stronger in alcohol

The color of beer has no relation to its alcohol content. For example, Guinness, one of the most popular dark beers has an alcohol volume of 4.2%, while several lightcolored Belgian beers have alcohol content of 8%+.Dark beers just look like theyre thicker, fuller in taste, and higher in carbs and calories. Many also assume blacker brews, like porters and ales, are higher in alcohol.

Bubbles go to your head
Alcohol reform will punish responsible drinkers
If a person drinks long enough they will become alcoholic
Coffee is the cure
Taking Aspirin Before Drinking Helps Reduce Hangovers
Alcohol kills brain cells
Alcohol is a mild social lubricant
The best beers have green bottles
Alcohol ages
Lite beers will help you lose weight
Drugs are a bigger problem than alcohol
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