myth about alcohol

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Alcohol gives you energy

Myth about Alcohol

The term alcohol originally referred to the primary alcohol ethyl alcohol,
Alcohol gives you energy

Actually, its the opposite. Alcohol is a drug. Its a depressant and slows down your ability to think, speak and move. Even at low levels, it affects your perception, coordination and judgement, long before any physical signs of impairment occur.

Foriegn beer can taste like urine
Wine is the only good drink for the heart
Alcohol gives you energy
If someone drunk the best thing to do is to put them to sleep
Youll be more affected by spirits than by beer or a wine cooler
Alcohol ages
Puking helps you sober up
Alcohol is a mild social lubricant
Its just beer It cant permanently damage you
Alcohol makes sex better
Coffee and a cold shower will reduce the effect of Alcohol
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