myth about alcohol

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Myth about Alcohol

The term alcohol originally referred to the primary alcohol ethyl alcohol,
41. Corona beer contains urine
Mexican brewery workers were relieving themselves into the beer. Allegedly, the rumor was spread by a Heineken distributor and was only refuted following a lawsuit by Corona.This was a nasty rumor .
42. The best beers have green bottles
Brown glass is the best color to protect beer from light, which is why most beers are bottled with it. A shortage of brown glass in Europe during the last century led to many breweries using green glass to bottle their beer therefore, green bottles represented imported beer for many years and people incorrectly assumed the color indicated a better beer.
43. You cant get a hangover from drinking organic beer
Organic beer is cleaner or purer than other beer, but theres no existing proof that it manages to avoid giving hangovers when consumed in sufficient quantities.
44. Hangovers are nothing to worry about
A hangover is the bodys reaction to being poisoned with too much alcohol. Heavy drinking plays havoc with the central nervous system. It interferes with brain chemicals leading to headache, dizziness and nausea and sends you running to the toilet so often you become dehydrated. The morningafter price of this imbalance can include a pounding headache, fatigue, dry mouth and queasy stomach not to mention a weakened immune system.
45. Hangovers are unisex
Use caution when enjoying free drinks on Ladies Night. Given the same drinks, women are more likely to be affected by alcohol than men. Scientists say theres good reason for this. Women have a higher percentage of fat, which cant absorb alcohol. When women drink the same amount, more alcohol builds up in the bloodstream.
46. If a person drinks long enough they will become alcoholic
Some people will begin to demonstrate alcoholic behavior the first time they drink. Others will drink their whole lives without ever showing signs of alcoholic behavior. And still others, after drinking for some time, will begin to develop signs of alcoholism. It appears to depend on the individual.
47. Alcohol use is not as dangerous as drug use
There is more illicit drug users than there are alcoholics, every year there are many times more alcohol related deaths than there are drug related deaths.
48. If someone drunk the best thing to do is to put them to sleep
The amount of alcohol it takes to make someone pass out is close to the amount that will cause death. Their body will continue to process any drinks taken just before they passed out, possibly increasing their blood alcohol to the point that they may go into cardiac arrest. Also, if they throw up while passed out they could choke and die. Do not leave someone who has passed out alone. They need to be watched over until they have returned to consciousness so that medical attention can be sought if they get into difficulty.

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