myth about alcohol

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Myth about Alcohol

The term alcohol originally referred to the primary alcohol ethyl alcohol,
31. I can sober up quickly if I need to
Taking a shower, drinking 10 cups of coffee or eating a loaf of bread will help you sober up, think again. The only think your body needs is time depending on your weight, it takes about three hours to eliminate every two drinks youve had that night.
32. Alcohol makes sex better
Alcohol can make people feel less uncomfortable in a social situation. But the reality is that alcohol can actually keep guys from getting or keeping an erection, and it can lower girls sex drives, too. More importantly, alcohol can affect your decisionmaking ability: You might put yourself in a risky situation; you might think youre ready to have sex when youre not or you might forget to use a condom, which can result in pregnancy and/or contracting a sexually transmitted disease.
33. Alcohol reform will punish responsible drinkers
Alcohol harm costs this country billions each year and this burden falls on all of us, drinkers, taxpayers and nondrinkers alike. The scientific evidence is clear; an integrated solution to the alcohol crisis, including small price increases, bans on advertising and removing alcohol from supermarkets, will produce significant benefits for everyone. These benefits, both financial and social, will far outweigh minor price rises and inconvenience.
34. Alcohol is a mild social lubricant
Alcohol is a Class B equivalent drug: is addictive, causes aggression and depression, is carcinogenic, fattening, and causes brain damage and birth defects. Most of us dont normally look at alcohol in this way which perhaps explains.
35. Alcohol is mainly a youth problem
More than 90% of heavy drinkers are 20 years of age or over. Focusing law reform on youth is a cynical tactic to shift attention and blame from where it belongs: the adult drinking culture and what Sir Geoffrey Palmer called the unbridled commercialisation of alcohol across the whole of society.
36. Bubbles go to your head
Its true that bubbles go to your head. We dont know why exactly, but its believed to be about how the body digests carbonated drinks, which can include over 250 million bubbles in just one glass.
37. Champagne bubbles make you more drunk
Champagne bubbles open your pyloric valve through your intestines and move the alcohol into your bloodstream quicker. The carbon dioxide in the bubbles helps alcohol flow through the body at an accelerated pace. This in turn helps you get intoxicated much quicker.
38. Wine is the only good drink for the heart
wine is known to relax the heart and help lower cholesterol levels, it has also been proven that beer helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Three glasses of beer a day reduce the risk of heart disease by 25 percent.
39. Beer gives Beer Bellies
Beer is even 93 percent water. There is no evidence that beer consumption promotes a belly more than any other source of calories. Beer bellies are caused by high levels of body fat, not high alcohol consumption.
40. Lite beers will help you lose weight
A lite beer will have 90100 calories, while a regular beer might have under 200. In the grand scheme of things, lite beers will contribute very little to your dietary goals, and considering their typical lack of taste, youd be better off drinking one or two regular beers.

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