myth about alcohol

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Myth about Alcohol

The term alcohol originally referred to the primary alcohol ethyl alcohol,
21. You can drink and still be in control
Alcohol impairs your judgement, which increases the likelihood that you will do something youll regret, such as having unprotected sex, being involved in crime, damaging property, or being victimized by others.
22. One drink wont affect your driving
People have trouble judging how seriously alcohol has affected them. That means many individuals who drive after drinking one drink think they can control a car but theyre wrong. This can have deadly consequences.
23. Drugs are a bigger problem than alcohol
Alcohol misuse and abuse costs Ontario millions each year. These costs include health care, law enforcement, fire and property damage, and productivity losses.Alcohol is a drug and one of the deadliest.
24. People who drink too much only hurt themselves
Everyone who drinks has a parent, grandparent, sibling, friend, boyfriend or girlfriend who worries about them. And what if the problem drinker flunks out of school or gets behind the wheel of a car and kills someone?
25. Foriegn beer can taste like urine
American beer being weak as piss stems from the fact that most countries measure beer alcohol percentage by volume. The U.S., continuing our proud tradition of shunning the rest of the worlds measuring systems (just like that metric system bullshit), has traditionally measured alcohol exclusively by weight instead.
26. There is an addiction gene
There is no single gene, or set of genes, that determines whether or not a person will become an addict. And even if a persons parents are addicts, it doesnt mean they will be too. Current addiction research shows that roughly 50% of addiction tendencies are attributable to genes.
T. P. Hunt of Wyoming, Pennsylvania claimed that it was common practice for winemakers to lazily put a bag of cockroaches into a bottle of ordinary liquor and leave it there until it dissolved, thus replicating the famed Madeira aftertaste.
Recent scientific findings proved that the majority of beer drinkers die of dropsy. Though some have recently suggested that alcoholism is indeed linked to the disorder, Hunts assertion is, mildlyput, a huge exaggeration.
The average human liver weighs somewhere in the vicinity of 3.5 pounds (roughly 1.5 kilograms) and the fact that excessive alcohol consumption can wreak havoc upon the vital organ is common knowledge. But this cautionary advice wasnt terrifying enough for temperance newsletters, one of which wrote that in some cases the liver [of a drinker] reaches an enormous weight, fifteen, and even twenty to twentyfive pounds being not uncommon.
30. Everyone drinks
Although 31% of teens said theyve drank alcohol in the past month that still leaves 69% who did not! If you choose not to drink, youre definitely not alone.

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