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Most Popular Search Engines

A web search engine is a software system that is designed to search for information
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Blinkx ( drops keyword search in favour of clever artifical intelligence to find what youre looking for. The interface is clunky, but it draws results from the web, your desktop and other sources.Icerocket (< a href=http:> is quite similar to the big engines, but provides a screenshot of the page the result comes from, and searches both blogs and photographs within blogs though that seems limited.Singing Fish ( focuses on audio and video search. It is not perfect and is unlikely to give you huge numbers of results (just 10 for Eminem Mosh, for example) but it is customisable and has a parental filter.

Websbiggest ( ranks pages by the amount of traffic they get, while Looksmart (, a survivor of the early days, focuses on being a portal, offering little to the search melee.Amazon owned A9 ( organises and recalls searches easily (handy if you cant remember how you found that website last Saturday), but the basic results are provided by Google. It links up with and the Internet Movie Database, making it useful for searching across books and movies. If youd like to comment on any aspect of Online, send your emails to Please include your address and telephone number. If you do not want your email address published please say so.

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Duck Duck Go
Live Search
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