most expensive motorcycles

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1907 Harley Davidson Strap Tank Single

Most Expensive Motorcycles

the Titanium Series the Ti XX is billed as the most expensive motorcycle in the world.
1907 Harley Davidson Strap Tank Single

US$$715,000 Mecum MidAmerica placed the highest price estimate of all the bikes in the Cole Collection on this Harley Davidson Strap Tank Single, expecting it would fetch estimated $800,000 to $1,000,000. The strap tank single is the popular name given to Harley Davidsons first motorcycle, a 440cc single cylinder motorcycle with Nickel plated steel straps attaching the oil and main fuel tank to the frame. These bikes are the most sought after of all Harley Davidson models and when the Otis Chandler Collection was sold in 2006, a 1907 Strap Tank Single sold for $352,000. This strap tank more than doubled that price due to its remarkably original condition.

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