most expensive handbags

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Most Expensive Handbags

Most Expensive Handbags
Cartierstarted making handbags in the 1920s, they were covered with diamonds and gemstones. This one, from 1927, has an intricately carved jade clasp.
This Belle Epoque bag from 1911 (soon to be auctioned atChristies) is made of platinum mesh and decorated with a diamond monogram. The frame shape is a natural evolution from the reticules of the 19th century, drawstring fabric handbags popularized by Empress Josephine.
Embellished bags were carried by women during the Renaissance to hold scented herbs used to cover unpleasant smells. This one, from the 16th century, is part of theMet Museumscollection and it is elaborately decorated with bright silk and threads made of gold and silver.
34. The Hermes Chaine d Ancre
$2 million Another piece from Hermes Haute Bijouterie collection designed by the talented Pierre Hardy. This notoriously talented designer provided a unique look and experience for this particular bag. With numerous white gold studs on the exterior and a total of 1,160 diamonds, which equal to 33.94 carats, this bag is something out of the ordinary. This particular design took Hardy over two years to create and the bag was only produced three times, making it rare and exclusive (and pricey, of course). There is no bag comparable to the Chaine dAncre and its a dream for any bag collector to even see one.
35. Hermes Rose Gold Crocodile or Diamond Birkin and Kelly Bag
Unlike Hermes other creations, this bag is almost a bracelet due to its miniature size (it cant even hold a pair of sun glasses). Designed by Pierre Hardy, these bags were made as part of Hermes Haute Bijouterie collection. Two versions of this bag were created;one is made of intertwining chains covered in 11,000 diamonds, and the other isa rose gold version of the famous Kelly bag which is made with crocodile scales and 1,160 diamonds. This unique piece is the epitome of luxury, offered to only the most elite costumers. With twovariations of this breathtaking and exclusive piece, is truly desired by any purse collector.

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