most expensive handbags

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Most Expensive Handbags

Most Expensive Handbags
11. Dandelion Suede Gator
This bright dandelion bag could brighten any girls day! This $15,000 has two external pockets and a clasp made of 18carat gold just to make it even more stunning. Only four were made.
12. Geranium Porosus
This bag is so amazing it has its own feet! Thisoneofakind Hermes handbagsold for$125,000 at the900Lot Heritage Auctions Holiday Luxury Auction took place in Dallas, Texas. Made of matte crocodile and Togo leather, its believed to have been created in 2010 aspart of a Hermes Petit H Exhibition. The project sought to gather numerous rare materials and fabrics to be transformed into amazing pieces by the worlds best craftsmen. Wed say this piece accomplished that goal.
13. Geranium Kelly Cut Clutch Bag
Just because its small, that doesnt mean it costs less. This Hermes Shiny Geranium Nilo Crocodile Kelly Cut Clutch Bag with Permabrass Hardware was called the ultimate clutch at the900Lot Heritage Auctions Holiday Luxury Auction took place in Dallas, Texas. Complete withrose gold detailing, it sold for $28,750.
14. Himalayan Crocodile Birkin bag
This bag is one part Nilocroc skin, one part white gold, and one part diamonds and comes in at$432,000. The color, which takes hours to complete, is meant to evoke theHimalayan mountains and pairs perfectly with 18karat white gold hardware. Naturally, the hardware is studded with white diamonds.
15. Louis Vuitton Urban Satchel
Louis Vuitton takes a turn for the trash bin with this bag thats made ofwater bottles, cigarette packs, and chewing gum wrappers. Just make sure you dont accidentally throw this one in the garbage. Itd be like throwing away $120,000. Thats a whole nother meaning to dumpster diving.
16. Hilde Palladino Gadino
Looking for a less flashy, more simplistic design in your ridiculously expensive handbags line? Go for Norwegian designer Hilde Palladinos Gadino bag. At just under $38,500, this white bag features nearly 40 diamonds in the hardware specifically, on the clasps. Yep, a steal right?
17. Fendi Selleria
Fendi definitely makes some of the worlds most soughtafter and expensive handbags, and the Selleria is no exception. At $38,000, the Fendi Selleria leather tote is hand sewn, with exquisite attention to detail.
18. Marc Jacobs Delray
Big fan of Marc Jacobs handbags, you say? The Delray shoulder bag is a stunner. It retails for $2,350. Once you wait for the sticker shock to wear off, consider how truly gorgeous this bag is: Blush leather, spectacular pink pailette embellishment, gold hardware just sublime! This one is worth hunting for if youre in the market for a colorful bag to call your very own.
19. Lana Marks Cleopatra
As far as clutches go, they are often a bit less pricey than larger handbags. Not this clutch by Lana Marks, no no. The Cleopatra bag costs an astounding $100k. The jewelencrusted, alligator clutch features approximately 1500 diamonds (including black diamonds). Definitely eyecatching. And expensive. You might want to handcuff this clutch to your wrist. Just in case.
20. House of Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse
Think your new Birkin bag beats all? Think again. Its a grocery bag compared to the House of Mouawads 1001 Nights Diamond Purse. This diamondencrusted gem of a handbag is officially THE most expensive handbag, according to the Guinness Book ofWorld Records. Its made of 18 kt gold and its encrusted with more than 4,500 diamonds. This insanely gorgeous bag will set you back $3.8 million. If you get this one, be sure to splurge for the armed guard youll need to follow you around.

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