men like in women

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A womans ability to flirt back

Men Like in Women

The term woman is usually reserved for an adult,with the term girl being the usual term for a femal.
A womans ability to flirt back

Do you ever flirt back with a man, even if it?s just for fun? Many women feel awkward, embarrassed or even threatened when a friendly guy starts a little flirting game.
Just because you indulge in a friendly game of flirting doesn?t mean you?re falling for a guy, remember that. If you want to impress a man, have a fun conversation with him. If you bring your flirty expressions into the conversation, there?s a good chance that any guy would want to flirt with you or sweet talk you, even if he?s with his own girlfriend!
But you don?t always have to flirt back with a guy, sometimes when you play hard to get and blow hot or cold once in a while, it?ll throw a guy off guard and make him try harder to please you

Taking Care of Herself
A cheerful attitude
Ability to Impress
Able to Enjoy Her Food
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Sense of Humor
The way she looks and dresses
A woman who asks for help
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