men like in women

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A woman who acknowledges a mans stare

Men Like in Women

The term woman is usually reserved for an adult,with the term girl being the usual term for a femal.
A woman who acknowledges a mans stare

You may like a guy who?s sipping his whiskey at the far end of the bar counter. How would you feel if he looks at you, gives you his dirtiest stare and looks away? You?d feel shattered, of course.
Men have a heart too, you know. If a guy?s trying to catch your attention or trying to exchange a glance, you don?t need to reciprocate all the time. But if he does seem decent enough, it?s a warm gesture to lock eyes for a second and look away.
You don?t need to date him or have his babies, but a simple acknowledgement that you noticed him can make his day, especially when you?re such a stunning woman with all the charms. You can look once and forget all about it, and any guy would appreciate that. If there?s one thing men like in women, it?s the ability to acknowledge a man without blowing him off in the first glance.

The way she looks and dresses
A Real Man Wants A Woman Who Is Independent
Accomplished and Fulfilled
A Good Driver
Taking Care of Herself
Isnt Scared to Get Down and Dirty
Ability to Impress
A Real Man Wants A Woman Hes Intensely Attracted To Fact
Unkempt hair
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