marriage tips

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Never say theD Word

Marriage Tips

Never say theD Word

If youre gonna say it, you better mean it. Plain and simple, threatening divorce or separation is not fighting fair. I did this a lot in my previous marriages. Im not proud of it, but I learned better. I was hurting deeply, and I wanted to hurt back, but it never helped me feel better.

Learn his love language
Let go of criticism and blame
When your partner tells you something that is bothering him
One of the most important factors in a good marriage is respect
The best way to strengthen a marriage is to support and assist each other in being the best you can be
Choose to love
If your goal is to have a satisfying marriage with longevity
Never lose the fine art of dating
God husband kids in that order
Censor every impulse to blame or criticize your partner
Communication and time together are the keys to strengthening your marriage
You can have control or you can have connection with your partner
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