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Lean in

Marriage Tips

Lean in

When it gets hard in a relationship, our tendency is to protect ourselves, to retreat, to lean out. Leaning out when your partner reaches out creates distance and dissonance. If instead you lean in to the uncomfortable feelings, to the unknown and your own vulnerability, and meet your partner, you can actually strengthen your relationship through the struggles you face together.

The best way to strengthen a marriage is to support and assist each other in being the best you can be
A strong marriage is a partnership in trust
You can change your relationship for the better by increasing the use of the following statements
If your goal is to have a satisfying marriage with longevity
Accept your partner exactly as they are today
Communication and time together are the keys to strengthening your marriage
You can have control or you can have connection with your partner
Are you creating more pleasurable interactions in your marriage or are you making it painful or unpleasant for your spouse
Love your marriage by first taking care of yourself
Nothing is more important in a marriage than the relationship between husband and wife
Always remember that life is long
Never begin a sentence with the word you
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