marriage tips

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God husband kids in that order

Marriage Tips

God husband kids in that order

I know this isnt a popular philosophy, especially among mothers, but hear me out. Its no secret that my faith is of utmost importance, so God comes first in my life no matter what. But regardless of your belief system, your husband should come before your kids. Now unless youre married to someone who is abusive (in which case, I urge you to seek help beyond what my opinion can give you), no man in his right mind would ask you to put your kids aside to serve his every need while neglecting them. Thats not what this means.
When you board an airplane, the flight attendants are required to go over emergency preparedness prior to take off. When explaining the part about how to operate the oxygen mask, passengers are instructed to first put the mask on themselves before putting it on their small child. Is that because they think you are more important than your kids? Absolutely not. But you cannot effectively help your child if you cant breathe yourself. The same holds true with marriage and parenting. You cannot effectively parent your children if your marriage is falling apart. Take it from me I tried. There will also come a time when your kids will leave the house to pursue their dreams as adults. If you have not cultivated a lasting relationship with your spouse, you will have both empty nests and empty hearts.

Create a clear vision of your shared future together
Research consistently shows that touching more creates a stronger bond by releasing oxytocin
Never say theD Word
Have regular times even if its just for 15 minutes
Next time you argue with your partner
Youre entitled to the occasional bad mood
Sometimes its not about the amount of money you spend on a gift
The best way to strengthen a marriage is to support and assist each other in being the best you can be
The biggest waste of effort in a marriage is trying to change your spouse
Censor every impulse to blame or criticize your partner
God husband kids in that order
Guard your heart
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