marriage tips

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Always remember that life is long

Marriage Tips

Always remember that life is long

In the heat of the moment, what feels super important will likely fade in importance as time goes by. Before you react by yelling, tossing insults or unkind words, remember that This, too, shall pass. In fact, recent studies have shown that even the most unhappiest of couples report being very happy five years later. So dont let one unfortunate incident, difficult argument or challenging moment destroy your lifetime ofhappiness.

Compliment your spouse everyday
Let go of criticism and blame
If your goal is to have a satisfying marriage with longevity
Never talk negatively about him
Always remember that life is long
Youre entitled to the occasional bad mood
Never begin a sentence with the word you
Lean in
Schedule a regular date night
Recognize that your husband or wife is mirroring back to you who you are
Nothing is more important in a marriage than the relationship between husband and wife
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