international christmas desserts

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International Christmas Desserts

Satisfy your sweet tooth with amazing international dessert recipes.
31. Vinetarta ICELAND
Icelanders are the only people brave enough on this list to celebrate Christmas by eating lots of mashed up prunes. Vinetarta a cake that consists of cookie like layers held together by prune filling is a tradtional part of any Icelandic Christmas celebration.
We know, we know this is technically a King s Day cake (January 6th), not a Christmas cake, but we ll let it slide since it s appropriately festive. Like the King Cake served on Mardi Gras, this King s Cake which is baked in the shape of a ring (a king s ring, get it?) has a tiny baby Jesus figurine baked into it. Whoever finds the figurine is king or queen of the party (the less fun prize is that he she also has to take it to church on February 2nd).

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