international christmas desserts

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International Christmas Desserts

Satisfy your sweet tooth with amazing international dessert recipes.
21. Black Forest Cake Germany
Called Schwarzw
22. Cheesecake Ancient Greece USA
This authentic creamy dessert promises to add a taste of New York to any Christmas dining experience regardless of where you are, even though this desserts history is way older than most of us think. The earliest attested mention of a cheesecake goes back to fifth century BC Greece, where the Greek physician Aegimus wrote a book on the art of making cheesecakes. Crazy, huh?
23. Panettone Milan Italy
Arguably the most famous Christmas sweet bread loaf all across Europe the past few decades, Panettone originated in Milan, where its one of the most representative and significant symbols of the Italian city. Nowadays you can find different variations of it in most of Europe, South America, Japan, and the United States.
24. Pavlova New Zealand
Dont let the name mislead or fool you this is not a Russian dessert but instead of New Zealand origin. The famous meringue based dessert borrows its name from legendary Russian ballet dancer Anna Pavlova but other than that its all Kiwi.
25. Sachertorte Austria
The Original Sacher Torte has been one of the most famous chocolate cakes in the world since it was created in 1832 by Austrian Franz Sacher. The basis of the confection is a chocolate cake thinly coated by hand with top quality apricot jam. The chocolate icing on top is the crowning glory.
For their Christmas cake, the Japanese break away from the fruit cake mold and instead opt for a sponge cake with whipped cream and strawberries. The cake, which is traditionally eaten on Christmas Eve, is also topped with chocolate Santas. The term kurisumasu keki isn t all about holiday spirit, however. It has also been used as slang in Japan for an unmarried woman over 25, with the logic that like a Christmas cake, after the 25th they re spoiled.
27. Kringla SWEDEN
Drawing inspiration from the pretzel, the Swedish Kringla is a knotted pastry with an almond filling and almond icing. Unlike Danish Kringle, the Swedish variety doesn t have nuts or raisins. The key to a great kringla is an exorbitant amount of butter... just the way a dessert should be.
28. Christopsomo GREECE
The early form of the cross that decorates the top of the Christopsomo loaf (a.ka. Christ s bread) makes this holiday dessert arguably the most religious on our list. In that vein, Christopsomo bakers take their charge very seriously and often cross themselves before baking the bread, which is full of raisins, nuts, and winter spices.
29. Bejgli HUNGARY
Like the French, Hungarians appreciate a good dessert roll. What it lacks in icing, Bejgli makes up for in delicious walnut or poppy seed filling. Can t get enough of this roll? You re in luck it s traditionally eaten at Easter too.
Unlike all of those fruit cakes and nut loaves, Poland mixes things up with a dark gingerbread topped with chocolate frosting. Gingerbread baking guilds have existed in Poland since the Middle Ages, and there s even a museum in Torun that showcases the ancient baking molds.

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