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Interesting Questions

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What is air
Can we see air
Why do we sweat
How is the wind generated
What is the color of light
How is a rainbow formed
What happens to water in the puddles
Why are slides slippery
How do magnets help in navigation
Why do we see our image in the mirror
When we fall why do we fall down and not up
Why do sodas contain bubbles
What is a cable train
Who was the first person to fly across the Atlantic Ocean
Can a car run on steam
What is an avalanche
What is the function of blood in human body
What happens when we breathe
Why do we yawn
Can we hear our heartbeat
Why do we have dreams
What is the work of our kidneys
How are seeds made
What makes us sneeze
What makes us shed tears
When was the first farming done
What were the weapons used by man in prehistoric times
How did we gather information about our ancestors
Who were the most ancient Greek Philosophers
Why did Pharaohs need pyramids
What was the venue for the first Olympics
What is the Asteroid Belt
What is the Sun made up of
How does the moon shine
How can we use the Sun s energy
What is a Galaxy
What are Constellations
What is Astronomy
Why do Astronauts use space suits
Who was the first person to land on the Moon
Which weapons were used by the Roman soldiers
Which was the biggest ever land animal
Where did dinosaurs live
What happened to the dinosaurs
Which planet was found by an accident
Why is sea water salty
How much high are waterfalls
How are islands made
Which is the biggest ocean
Which plants are found in seawater
Can Animals survive on the Arctic Circle
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