Interesting Questions
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1. What is air
What we breathe is the Air. All life forms as well as plants need air to survive on Earth. Also known as Earths atmosphere, Air is made up of many gases like oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and in water forms such as water vapour.
2. Can we see air
Air is a colourless gas; since majority of air is nitrogen which itself is a colourless gas. Nitrogen takes of about 78% of air; hence no colour is seen or reflected from air. But we can feel the presence of air as it moves leaves, trees or clothes in the direction of wind.
3. Why do we sweat
Sweating is an important way of maintaining body temperature. When our body gets heated it releases moisture in the form of tiny water droplets, which cool the body as it evaporates. Sweating is a way of getting rid of waste material. There are eccrine glands which are under the arms and apocrine glands which are over the rest of the skin that release secretions. Our palms and soles have the maximum number of sweat glands.
4. How is the wind generated
Wind is generated by the motion. Due to continuous sunlight in some parts of Earth, the air becomes warm. Warm air being lighter than cold air, it rises up and cold air takes its place. This movement of air causes generation of wind.
5. What is the color of light
Many scientists have found out that light is a spectrum of many colors, hence there is no fixed color of light. Newton once displayed this with an experiment as he passed a beam of white light through a prism. The light split into seven colors which were Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red (or better known as VIBGYOR) just as it can be seen in a rainbow.

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