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Indira Gandhis Legacy

Indira Gandhi

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Indira Gandhis Legacy

Indias Iron Lady left behind a complicated legacy. She was succeeded in the office of Prime Minister by her surviving son, Rajiv Gandhi. This dynastic succession is one of the negative aspects of her legacy to this day, the Congress Party is so thoroughly identified with the Nehru Gandhi family that it cannot avoid charges of nepotism. Indira Gandhi also instilled authoritarianism into Indias political processes, warping the democracy to suit her need for power.

On the other hand, Indira clearly loved her country, and did leave it in a stronger position relative to neighboring countries. She sought to improve the lives of Indias poorest, and supported industrialization and technological development. On balance, however, Indira Gandhi seems to have done more harm than good during her two stints as the prime minister of India.

Indira Emerges Once More
Downfall and Arrests
Re election Trial and State of Emergency
Sojourn in Europe
Aftermath and Assassination
Authoritarian Leanings and Imprisonment
Autocratic Leadership
Early Political Career
End of her career
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