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Autocratic Leadership

Indira Gandhi

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Autocratic Leadership

Following the 1972 national elections, Gandhi was accused of misconduct by her political opponent and, in 1975, was convicted of electoral corruption by the High Court of Allahabad and prohibited from running in another election for six years. Instead of resigning as expected, she responded by declaring a state of emergency on June 25, whereby citizens civil liberties were suspended, the press was acutely censored and the majority of her opposition was detained without trial. Throughout what became referred to as the Reign of Terror, thousands of dissidents were imprisoned without due process.Anticipating that her former popularity would assure her reelection, Gandhi finally eased the emergency restrictions and called for the next general election in March 1977. Riled by their limited liberties, however, the people overwhelmingly voted in favor of the Janata Party and Morarji Desai assumed the role of prime minister.

A government divided
Authoritarian Leanings and Imprisonment
Early Life
End of her career
Aftermath and Assassination
Early Political Career
Operation Bluestar at the Golden Temple
Downfall and Arrests
Prime Minister Gandhi
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