incredible sea arches around the world

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Incredible Sea Arches Around the World

11. Kleftiko Beach
Kleftiko Beach is a very attractive beach situated in the Greece Island. This beach has become very popular for its multiple sea arches. Most of the travelers like this beach for its incredible sea arches.
12. La Portada
La Portada is a sea arches situated in the Pacific ocean in Chile. This sea arch is about 140 feet high from the sea level. This arch looks so amazing that tourist of a large number comes to visit it everyday.
13. Pigeon Rocks
Pigeon rock is a combination of two separate rock situated in the country of Lebanon. It looks very beautiful and tourist can enjoy this beauty by boat. It is the most popular tourist destination in Lebanon. The excellent scenery of this rock attracts the tourist very much.
14. Great Pollet Arch
Great Pollet Arch is a charming sea arch situated in the coast of Donegal county in the state of Ireland. A beautiful tidal pool flows besides this arch. Tourist can go to this arch by boat. This sea arch stand on the edge of Atlantic Ocean.
15. Batu Bolong
Batu Bolong is a beautiful temple with a naturally hole rock situated in the Bali of Indonesia. This temple is located on the coast of Indian Ocean. It is the top favorite tourist destination in Indonesia.

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