important tips for hiring the best employees

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Play an active role

Important Tips for Hiring the Best Employees

Important Tips for Hiring the Best Employees
Play an active role

The CEO of a tech startup wears a lot of hats. Indeed, this may be true of any startup employee. Were fortunate enough at this juncture that were of the size that I can have a hands on role in the hiring process. I believe this gives both me and our HR team the ability to find the most qualified candidates who are also the best fit for our culture. This is a rather polarizing issue, though Im certainly not the only CEO in tech to review new hires. It depends on an individuals leadership and management style. I opt for an active role in our hiring process, which includes interviewing all candidates, because it ensures an open line of communication between HR and myself. It also helps managers understand what the company needs as far as culture is concerned I can communicate to them what sort of candidates we are looking for, and who would be the best fit.

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