how to get a phd

Obtain experience in the field with a research internship

How to Get a PhD

A PhD, short for Doctor of Philosophy, may help you secure a position as a college or university pro
Obtain experience in the field with a research internship
In many fields, hard science in particular, securing a summer internship as an undergrad can do a lot to make you stand out on your applications. If you can get experience assisting in the biology lab, or doing field work with the other geologists, or even assisting a professor grade surveycourse tests, youll be one step ahead in the academic field.
Workstudy programs in your field of interest can also be extremely attractive of graduate applications. If youre studying English, try to secure employment in the Writing Lab, rather than the cafeteria to give yourself an edge and valuable experience.

Take the Graduate Record Examinations General or subject test
Complete your written examination
Complete an undergraduate degree in a broad field
Start researching graduate programs in your junior year
The names and signatures of your committee members
Consider crowd funding options
Apply for teaching or research assistantships
Avoid petty competition and departmental rivalry
Submit a plan of study
Explore the literature in your research field
Dissertation hours
Begin performing research and collecting data
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