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Micrurus corallinus syn. Elaps corallinus
Brazilian coral snake.

Key Uses:
  • Hemorrhaging or other discharges characterized by black blood
  • Right-sided paralysis after a stroke

    Origin : Found in Brazil.

    Background : This poisonous snake has roughly 200 rings on its belly, which are colored alternately bright black and red.

    Preparation : Venom from a live snake is triturated with lactose sugar.

    Remedy Profile : People who respond best to Elaps tend to be rather intense, haughty, and suspicious. They are often depressed and long to be alone, yet also fear being left alone in case something horrible happens. In addition, they fear developing a serious illness such as a stroke, and feel afraid and miserable during wet weather. Generally, they are very sensitive to the cold.
    The blood is commonly affected in people who benefit from Elaps. There may be hemorrhages or other discharges characterized by black blood. In addition, the remedy is given for right-sided paralysis following a stroke. Despite a chilly sensation in the stomach, there may be a craving for ice, salads, fruits, and yogurt.

    Symptoms Better : For rest; for walking.

    Symptoms Worse : For cold; at night; for the approach of a storm; for touch.


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