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Become a Social Butterfly

Healthy Head

Become a Social Butterfly

Staying close with friends and family and being involved in social activities and social situations can greatly contribute to a long life of strong cognitive health. (NOTE This does not promote ditching Tips 1 & 2 and only maintaining a large social group!) Along with physical exercise and a healthy diet, you should be incorporating activities into your life to maintain those social skills we developed and honed as kids. Keeping your brain active through conversation can make an enormous difference as you age. Not only that, but if you work out with a friend or work with your partner to maintain a healthy diet, you can kill two birds with one stone.

Let your Brain Work
Develop your spirituality
Get Fit
Dont smoke
Seek financial stability
Engage in mentally stimulating activities
Slow Down and Appreciate the Silence
Engage family and friends
Follow your physicians advice
Speak Up
Kick back and relax
Be Health Conscious
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