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Healthy Hair

11. Transform ordinary shampoo into an herbal
Dilute an eight-ounce bottle of shampoo by half with water and add about 20 drops of essential oil of lavender
12. Only spritz three times with hair spray
In addition to making you look like you just stepped out of 1962, too much hair spray can weigh down your hair, leaving it flat. Instead, try a bionutrient styling spray containing the B vitamin panthenol. It will condition your hair and help protect it from environmental and styling damage.
13. Wrap wet hair gently in a towel
And let the cotton absorb the moisture for a few minutes instead of rubbing. This helps protect against split ends.
14. shower for the amount of hair
The typical person loses from 50 to 200 hairs a day (out of 80,000 to 120,000 hairs on the head). So its normal to have a very small clump of hair left on the drain after washing. But if that amount starts increasing, see your doctor. It could mean your scalp has an infection, or that baldness is beginning to set in, or in rarer circumstances, that you have a nutritional deficiency.
15. Get dressed put makeup on before styling hair
This way, your hair will be almost dry. Hair is most susceptible to damage when wet.
16. Shampoo gray hair blue colored shampoo
By nature of its light color, gray hair gets duller, dirtier, and drier than darker shades, which is why its so important to shampoo and condition it daily. The bluish shampoo helps hide any yellowish (read: aging) tinge.
17. Allow at least four weeks
Between single-process color treatments and at least eight weeks between high- or low-light treatments, Stephen Sanna recommends.
18. Create instant highlights
By applying champagne- or gold-hued eye shadow to your hair with an ordinary makeup sponge.
19. Use a humidifier at night in bedroom
Your home heating probably keeps the air very dry, which can dry out your hair.
20. To keep your hair bouncy and healthy
Occasionally shampoo your roots only and then apply conditioner to just your ends. Then rinse.

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