hand embroidery designs

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Crazy Quilting on Needle and Thread

Hand Embroidery designs

hand embroidery, embroidery patterns and chicken scratch.
Crazy Quilting on Needle and Thread

Crazy quilting can look to the Victorian era for its popular beginnings, and today, crazy quilting is certainly equally or more popular than it was 150 years ago. Crazy quilting sprang from a cross between necessity and the desire for beautifully embellished items of necessity. Irregular scraps of fabric were salvaged and re made into quilts that were used for warmth, and to beautify the irregularity of the quilts made from scraps, the seams and squares were embellished according to the stitcher is fancy.Crazy quilting is certainly a free form of embroidery. Unlike most surface embroidery, this style of needlework is not dependent on any particular type of fabric, nor on any specific type of thread, nor any specific rules, really. All fabrics are game to the crazy quilter, and all threads and items of embellishment are part of the crazy quilter is arsenal.The ground for the needlework in crazy quilting is usually a patched quilt square made out of irregular shapes and sizes of fabric.

The threads are many and varied from cotton floss to pearl cottons, to silks, to wool, to

Hand Embroidery
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