hand embroidery designs

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Hand Embroidery designs

hand embroidery, embroidery patterns and chicken scratch.
11. Crewel Embroidery on Needle and Thread
In the historical sense, crewel embroidery is simply embroidery done with wool threads. Crewel work has a rich history, stretching at least as far back as the early Medieval period, with one of the most extant historical examples being the Bayeux Tapestry.Crewel work enjoyed popularity in the Jacobean area, with elaborate designs of stylized flowers, birds, and beasts being worked in wool on household goods and even clothing. Crewel work, however, should not be confused with Jacobean embroidery. Jacobean is a style of design and can be worked in any medium, while crewel work is specifically embroidery worked in wool.Off and on, crewel work has resurfaced in popularity. In the 1970 is, it enjoyed great popularity.

Today, crewel work is enjoying another revival in popularity, as the plethora of new books devoted to crewel work attests.In crewel work today, we see a variation from traditional crewel in the addition of other types of threads being integrated (or even replacing altogether) the traditionally used wool. Often today, crewel work designers will incorporate silk threads, cottons, and blends in their crewel designs. Technically, if the wool is not there, is it really crewel work. Or has it morphed into surface embroidery

12. Cutwork on Needle and Thread
Cutwork is a needlework technique that features embroidered designs with spaces cut completely out of the fabric. Cutwork is normally worked on linen, although it can be worked with equal success on cotton or cotton / linen blends. Normally, white threads are used to outline the focal part of the design. Between the focal elements of the design, bars are stitched independent of the fabric background, connecting the various elements of the design. Then, the background areas of the design are cut away, leaving an open window.Cutwork is normally considered a part of whitework embroidery. It is used to embellish household items (table linens, fine hand towels, curtains, bed linens), church linens, and even clothing.
13. Drawn Thread Embroidery on Needle and Thread
Drawn thread embroidery is a technique worked normally on linen, with horizontal or vertical threads in the linen removed from the fabric and decorative stitches worked over the remaining threads. Drawn thread work often creates a lacy effect, although it can also be a very rustic looking needlework technique, depending on the type of linen and thread used.Drawn thread embroidery is often used in combination with other surface embroidery, especially whitework, but also counted cross stitch.Drawn thread work is particularly suited to household linens and church linens. It requires an even weave (or close to it) ground fabric.
14. Goldwork on Needle and Thread
Goldwork is the most regal and luxurious of embroidery techniques. Once accessible only to the wealthy, goldwork embroidery was used historically to adorn ecclesiastical textiles, military uniforms, and clothing and textiles for the nobility.Today, goldwork is more accessible than it used to be, and is currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity as a popular needlework technique.Goldwork differs from other surface embroidery techniques especially when considering the threads used. Unlike threads from natural or man made fibers (cotton, wool, silk, rayon
15. Mountmellick Embroidery on Needle and Thread
Mountmellick embroidery originated in Mountmellick, Ireland. It is a whitework technique, traditionally worked on cotton sateen (which has a sheen) with matte cotton threads (no sheen). The contrast between the fabric and the thread is part of the look of Mountmellick embroidery.The stitches used in Mountmellick are various, and most of them create a highly textured surface on the fabric. The motifs typical of Mountmellick embroidery are generally branches, flowers, and fruit.
16. Needle Lace
Needle lace is not always an embroidery technique, although embroidery stitches are used on most types of needle lace. Lace can be made a number of ways with bobbins, tapes, crochet hooks, and with regular needles. Needle lace is lace made with needle and thread, normally on a fabric ground and often with parts of the fabric cut away. Some types of needle lace are not worked on fabric, but rather on paper or tissue, and once removed from the tissue, the resulting piece of needle lace is then attached to the fabric. Some types of needle lace are made on a net ground (either square netting like filet netting, or tulle). And some types of needle lace are actually a combination of bobbin lace with stitching on it.There are many types of needle lace and many names for it, among them Rose Point, Point de Gaze, Ruskin Lace, Armenian lace, Filet lace, Reticella, Punto in Aria, Gros Point de Venise, Alencon Lace, and on and on. All have their different characteristics and some are unbelievable detailed and fine. Needle lace is often included in whitework, as inserts or edging.
17. Needlepainting on Needle and Thread
Needlepainting goes by several other names, including thread painting, long and short stitch shading, and silk shading. Needlepainting is a technique used for filling areas realistically and for painting images with needle and thread.The stitch commonly used in needlepainting is long and short stitch, although other stitches are sometimes employed to achieve a realistic look to the image.Needlepainting can achieve very fine, artistic detail. The technique is sometimes combined with goldwork to good effect.
18. Schwalm Embroidery on Needle and Thread
Schwalm embroidery is a whitework technique that originated in Germany, in the Schwalm region. It apparently developed in imitation of Dresden lace, which was much more expensive, worked by professional embroiderers and sold to the wealthy. Schwalm is the folk version of Dresden lace, worked by peasant women in their homes to decorate their household goods and clothing.Schwalm embroidery combines drawn thread work, pulled thread work, and whitework. The motifs are generally bold, folk motifs tulips, hearts, flowers, birds.Schwalm is traditionally whitework, worked with white thread on white linen. Today, it is sometimes worked on colored linen, but normally with white threads, and sometimes, it is seen worked in colored thread on white or colored linen.The technique is used to embellish household linens, perfect for table linens.
19. Silk Ribbon Embroidery on Needle and Thread
Silk ribbon embroidery is embroidery worked with silk ribbon. This luxurious needlework can range from fine, detailed work to bold, vivid, and abundant.The motifs featured in silk ribbon embroidery are almost always floral.Silk ribbon embroidery (commonly called SRE) can be used to embellish lots of things household items like decorative pillows, book covers, clothing, and even greeting cards.
20. Stumpwork on Needle and Thread
Stumpwork is a dimensional embroidery technique that originated in the mid 1600 is in England. This type of embroidery uses attached, pre stitched pieces of embroidery, raised stitches, and even stuffed areas to create impressive and realistic floral designs as well as stylized scenic pictures that sometimes include animals, flora, people garbed in elaborate clothing, and even buildings (castles, tents, etc.)The stitches used in stumpwork range from simple line stitches to more complex filling stitches and lace stitches.

Practically any ground fabric is suitable for stumpwork. Threads commonly used include wool, cotton, and silk.This style of embroidery is enjoying a great resurgence of popularity these days. There are several masters of the art out there, but perhaps the most prolific when it comes to writing instructional books is Jane Nicholas. Her books are a delight to the eye and are excellent for instruction and inspiration.

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