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Friendship Day

Friendship day is a day on which we celebrate the most important relationship in our life .
Friendship Poems

Best Friends Poem
A number of adjectives such as best, close, intimate, special, trusted are used to describe the depth of friendship. Although friends are classified into such categories, the underlying meaning for the relation shared with each of them would remain the same. Friends laugh in each other happiness, cry when one is hurt, offer help without thinking twice and thank the Almighty that they found each other.

Broken Friendship Poem
Broken friendships would create void in your mind, when you experience the agony of parting your friends, who remained a significant part of your life. In fact, the pain of going through a broken friendship is unbearable. The world seems to be ending and you seem completely helpless, with no one to turn to. When a friendship breaks, it really hurts.

Funny Friendship Poems
Friendship is a multifaceted relationship, comprising of different kinds of emotions. At one instance, when you share an emotional bond with your pals, you would also enjoy lighter moments with them, which are cherished for the lifetime. Based on the fun element of friendship, many poets have dedicated poems to their favorite pals, in which, they have conveyed their heartfelt feelings in a humorous way.

Short Friendship Poem
The unique bond shared by friends is something beyond comparison. True friends cherish the beautiful relationship for the lifetime. Being with friends is a lot of fun. Friendship Day is dedicated to the relationship. It commemorates the strength of the bond shared by friends. The day is an excellent opportunity for friends to spend time with each other and enjoy the day to the fullest.

Sorry Friendship Poem
Like any other relation, friendship also has ups and downs. True friends would have similar thoughts and argue for dissimilarities as well.Misunderstandings may also creep in. Sometimes you hurt a friend unintentionally and then regret it. You want to say orry, but hesitate to do so.

Thank You Friend Poem
Friendship Day is a general festival of India, dedicated to friends and the strong bond that they share with each other. It is a day, when people spend quality time with their pals by hanging out with them. Gifts, greeting cards and flowers are exchanged between them, to show their heartfelt feelings for each other and extend their sincere gratitude for being a prominent part of life.

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