friendship day

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Friendship Day Party Theme

Friendship Day

Friendship day is a day on which we celebrate the most important relationship in our life .
Friendship Day Party Theme

Cowboy Theme
Send wanted poster as invitation to your friends, if you are inviting them to a cowboy theme party. Include all the details, with the photograph of the host (you!), roll the poster and tie it with a bandana. Write the invitation in black letters and make use of parchment paper for the purpose. Place a basket full of bandanas and cowboy hats near the front door. Ask your guests to clad themselves in typical cowboy and cowgirl attire. As party favors, you may give them cowboy hats.

Celebrities Them
To throw an entirely different Friendship Day party, choose celebrities theme. Make a glittery invitation for the party. Ask your guests to dress up like the celebrity of their choice. By doing this, you would see a lot of variety in the party. To make the occasion even more interesting, arrange a competition wherein they should imitate the celebrity whom they have chosen for their get up for the party. This way, you will get to know the popular choices of your friends.

Halloween Theme
Halloween theme is a hit amongst people of all ages. Therefore, you can choose the popular theme for your Friendship Day party as well. Send out invitations suitable for the theme. Decorate your party venue just like a haunted house. Make use of artificial spider webs, tombstones and fake body parts. Dim the lights and make the place horrible. Ask your friends to come in Halloween costumes. You may also rate them according to their dress, during the party. Present pumpkin lights as the Friendship Day party favors to your guests.

Graffiti Party Theme
It is definite that you will have an exciting Friendship Day party, if you have set the popular graffiti theme for it. Graffiti party theme is best suitable for adults. Send invitations made of white paper, written with colorful markers. Ask your friends to come in white tshirt and denim jeans. As the party proceeds, switch off all the lights and provide them glowinthedark markers, so that they could write any slogan, message or draw picture in each other tshirts. Make use of glittery decorations for the venue, so that they shine when the lights are turned off.

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