forever young naturally eating

When to Supplement Build bones

Forever Young Naturally Eating

When to Supplement Build bones
Vital for energy production, metabolism, digestion, and bone health, calcium-rich food and supplements reduce risk of bone loss and fracture, lower blood pressure, and keep the heart and blood vessels healthy. Calcium also protects against colon cancer, insomnia, and migraines. Food sources include dairy foods, oily fish (eat the bones), eggs, nuts, sunflower and sesame seeds, dried figs, and green leafy vegetables. Organic food has more calcium. Soak up the sun for 15 minutes daily to generate vitamin D, which is essential for calcium uptake, as is magnesium, available from nuts, whole grains, and yeast extract. To ensure your intake is high enough take 1,000 mg calcium a day to age 50, 1,200 mg if you are over 50.

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