Forever Young Naturally Beauty
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Revitalizing Body Buffs
Exfoliation loosens the top layer of dead skin cells, speeding the skinís natural process of regeneration to bring about a youthful glow. It also allows for better penetration of oils and herbs, which impart nourishment as well as a lustre to the skin. Body clays are supereffective on aging skin, replenishing by imparting minerals and trace elements as they dry. (Avoid full-body masks during pregnancy.)

Natural Haircare Basics Long or short
Organic Shampooing Donít mix products
Deep Cleansing Dull skin clarifier
Give Yourself Angry red marks
Nontoxic Manicure Energizing hand massage
Skincare in the Sun Great natural sunscreens
Superstar Ingredients Invest in the best
Organic Nightcare Let your skin breathe

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