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Dont start and stop just keep going

Fitness Tips

101 best fitness tips that will help you reach your health, weight loss and wellness goals.
Dont start and stop just keep going

One great way to kill your confidence is to constantly start and stop your fitness regimen. It s common for people to get psyched up and dive in to working out only to drop it altogether when the craziness of life intervenes. If you start overly ambitious, you are less likely to stick with your routine. If exercise is new to you, start off slow and aim for a few workouts per week and then increase as you go.

Watch your portions
Eat alkaline promoting foods
Find music that motivates
Make a list of bad habits you are willing to give up
Get enough sleep
Never go more than two days in a row without exercise
Thoughts are powerful pay attention to yours
Add protein to smoothies
Plan ahead
Equip yourself with healthy products to support your healthy lifestyle
Follow the 80 by 20 rule
Schedule exercise like an appointment
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