fitness stretching

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Shoulder Extensor Adductor and Retractor Stretch

Fitness Stretching

Shoulder Extensor Adductor and Retractor Stretch

Shoulder, Back, and Chest Stretches:

Stand upright inside a doorway while facing a doorjamb with the doorjamb in line with the right shoulder. Place feet shoulder-width apart with the toes pointing straight forward. Bring the left arm across the body toward the right shoulder. Pointing the thumb down, grab hold of the doorjamb at shoulder level. Rotate the trunk inward until you feel a stretch in the posterior left shoulder.

Affected Body Part:
Most-stretched muscles: Left posterior and middle deltoid, left latissimus dorsi, left triceps brachii, left middle trapezius, left rhomboids.
Lesser-stretched muscles: Left teres major, left teres minor, left supraspinatus, left serratus anterior.

To get the maximum benefit of this stretch, you should keep the elbow locked. Over time, as the muscles become more flexible, to keep the elbow locked you will need to grasp the doorframe above the level of the shoulder. Raising the height of the hand does not diminish the major benefits of this stretch. However, as the hand gets higher above shoulder level, the stretch on the rhomboids decreases while the stretch on the serratus anterior increases.

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