Famous Mummified Bodies
Mummies of humans and animals have been found throughout the world.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Saint Bernadette
Saint Bernadette was born Maria-Bernada Sobirs (7th January 1844 16th April 1879) and was a millers daughter from the town of Lourdes in southern France. Despite her body not being technically mummified, she definitely deserves a place on this list. From February 11th to July 16th 1858, she reported eighteen apparitions of a small young lady. Despite initial skepticism from the Catholic Church, these claims were eventually declared to be worthy of belief after a canonical investigation, and the apparition is known as Our Lady of Lourdes the Virgin Mary. After her death, Bernadettes body remains?incorrupt?and can be viewed in the Chapel of Saint Bernadette in Nevers. On December 8th, 1933, she was canonized as a saint by the Catholic Church.

King Tutankhamun
Otzi the Iceman
Paul Brocas Brain
Del Closes Skull
Elmer McCurdy
Vladimir Lenin
Tollund Man

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