celebrities who swear by yoga

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Brooke Shields

Celebrities Who Swear By Yoga

Celebrities Who Swear By Yoga. Besides Sting. Namaste in shape, everybody.
Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields might be wearing a huge, powderblue jacket in this picture. But that is only to shield herself from the cold winter. Otherwise, Shields figure is such that she has nothing to hide, indeed, her figure calls only for flaunting! If Shields has no reason to hide anything from the cameras, it is because she has nothing to hide at all no bulges, no protruding tummy, no cellulite and no glowless skin. And whats her secret to all this just plain yoga. Shields are not one who swears by fad diets and unnecessarily heavy workout sessions. All she does is yoga, of course, on a regular basis, and the results are for all to see.

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Brooke Shields
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