cartoons characters that you wish were real

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Cartoons Characters That You Wish Were Real

Few of the cartoon characters we always wish were real. Some of the popular cartoon characters.
51. Pink Panther
When we think of the Pink Panther we instantly hear the catchy theme song in our head. Of course the original movie was not about the cute pink panther character at all but rather about adiamond called the pink panther. However a cartoon show about the furry pink panther was eventually created and became a huge hit. He has even been used in video games and as part of company advertizing. Having the Pink Panther around in real life wouldnt be as cool as some other cartoon characters, but would still be pretty interesting.
52. Yogi Bear
Yogi Bear is a loveable cartoon bear who was created in the 1950s. He started in The Huckleberry Hound Show but quickly became a fan favorite and eventually got his own show, The Yogi Bear Show. He is known for his antics at Jellystone Park, frequently trying to steal picnic baskets along with his sidekick Boo Boo Bear. Yogi Bear loved to talk in rhymes and is also famous for many catch phrases including Im smarter than the average bear and Hey there Boo Boo. Theres no doubt that many people who grew up watching Yogi would love to have him around in the real world. He would be a lot of fun to hang around with, but you might get into trouble for stealing picnic baskets.
53. Arthur
Arthur is the loveable cartoon Aardvark starring in his own show Arthur. He loves to hang out with his friends Buster and Francine among others at school and at home. He faces real world challenges like asthma,dyslexiaand cancer. If you grew up in the 90s, no doubt you were a fan of Arthur. His show is the second longest running animated series only behind The Simpsons. Arthur would be a great cartoon character to have around in the real world because of his loveable personality. As long as he is soft and cuddly like he is in the show and not a real aardvark.
54. Chief Wiggum
Chief Wiggum is irresponsible, lazy and stupid, yet he is the chief of police for Springfield in The Simpsons. He always seems to get into tough situations and heavily relies on his sidekicks Eddie and Lou. Chief Wiggum rarely solves any crimes but loves to take credit for crimes that seem to solve themselves. Having Chief Wiggum around in the real world as a normal guy would be hilarious; however we definitely would not want him being the chief of police anywhere.
55. Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman the main character from the hit TV series South Park. He is a pretty controversial character as he says and does many crude, prejudice and aggressive things. He lives in South Park, Colorado with his family and friends. Cartman gets in a lot of trouble with his friends that usually ends up killing their friend Kenny. Having Eric Cartman around in the real world would be dangerous and chaotic but he would be a lot.
56. Alvin and the Chipmunks
Even though Alvin is the main character in the bunch, you cant just have him without Theodore and Simon. The musical trio started in as a comic strip in the late 50s. It then went on to become The Alvin Show and eventually Alvin and the Chipmunks. These three chipmunks love to get into mischief, but always find their way out of it. How could you not want these 3 little chipmunks living in your home? Not only are they cut but they could sing you their songs.
57. Tweety Bird
Tweety bird would perhaps be the easiest cartoon character to have living in your home, since he is so small and lives in a cage. Tweety is always messing with the crazycat Sylvesterwho is always trying to eat Tweety. One of Tweetys most famous lines is about Sylvester when he says I thought I saw a pussy cat with his accent. If Tweety was around in real life he would certainly be an awesome pet to have, as long as you dont have any cats or dogs that he can antagonize.
58. Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin is much like Homer Simpson; dumb, arrogant, crude, lazy but also has a supreme devotion to his family. He and Homer are the two most popular cartoon dads on TV these days. A collaboration of the two shows Family Guy and The Simpsons is even in the works to see how the two would get along. Having Peter around in real life would be pretty entertaining. It wouldnt be the best idea to hang around him a lot, although he would make you feel pretty smart.
59. Bart Simpson
Bart is one of the most popular cartoon characters on TV starring in the show The Simpsons. He is the 10 year old son of Homer and Marge Simpson. Bart always finds a way to get into trouble everywhere he goes; however he is a very loveable kid with a big heart. He is known for his catch phrases like Ay carumba, Eat my shorts and Dont have a cow man. It is also not uncommon for him to get strangled by his father Homer. Although Bart would get into a lot of trouble in the real world too, he would definitely be a lot of fun to hang around with.
60. Donald Duck
Donald is one of the most popular cartoon characters of all time. He loves to stir things up with pranks and competitions. However, he does not like when the tables are turned on him and always ends up losing his tempter. This is usually hilarious though, as a cute duck with a quaky voice getting angry is adorable and funny. Donald is also a very kind and loving duck though and he has a very positive outlook on life. Having Donald around in real life would be awesome.

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