cartoons characters that you wish were real

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Cartoons Characters That You Wish Were Real

Few of the cartoon characters we always wish were real. Some of the popular cartoon characters.
31. Inspector Gadget
If anything itd just be nice to activate some gogogadget backscratchers every now and then.
32. Mr Dink
Everyone needs a friend with an unlimited supply of money who doesnt mind blowing it on useless contraptions.
33. Launchpad McQuack
Hes loyal and good with whatever needs fixing. And whats better than a getaway car? A getaway plane of course.
34. Trent Daria
Trent is that misunderstood musician every girl finds herself mad crushing on at some point. Hed have posters of really obscure alternative bands up in his dorm room, and when you ask who they are, hed say,You probably dont know them. Not super mainstream.A relationship with Trent is going to have an expiration date, but in the meantime, soak up that angsty sex appeal.
35. Simb The Lion King
Okay, is this weird? Its not just me, right? SOMEONE VALIDATE ME! Obviously, Im not encouraging humanonlion action, but cmon! Simba would be such a babe if he pulled a Beast and turned into a real person. When Simba and Nala have that intimate moment with Sir Elton John softly playing in the back, my young self got very, very confused.
36. Dean McCoppinThe Iron Giant
First off, Harry Connick Jr. voiced this jazzy babe, so thats already working on me. Dean is the blackwearing beatnik artist who owns a junkyard. This is next level Trent. Hes that creative type youre almost intimidated by because he can look at something and see art, meanwhile youre like,Thats a pile of trash, but okay.But I feel like hed be a very innovative lover, definitely down to try new things, while making sure youre satisfied the whole time.
37. Dimitri Anastasia
Dimitri is voiced by John Cusack, who is already weirdly babely in his own right, and with that mix of softness and huskiness, every time he says something, underwear goes flying. That hair too. You secretly (not secretly) just wanted to mess it up, and then watch him get kind of mad at you and call you out for being annoying. Hes the guy who frustrates you to the point of screaming into a pillow, but at the end of the day, he is there when you need him.
38. Roger 101 Dalmatians
This isnt the first time Ive included Roger in a list of crushes (should I be embarrassed about that?). That accent! That sweater vest! Roger, in my humble opinion, would be that guy you pass by without thinking much, but absolutely rocks your goddamn world in bed. Hes attentive, loves dogs, plays piano, what more can you ask?!? Hes kind of perfect.
39. Flynn Rider Tangled
Two words: That. Smolder. Flynn would probably be kind of cocky at first when hooking up, and that might either turn you on or off. But the more time you spent together, the more youd realize that dick ish attitude of his is just covering up an ooeygooey romantic at heart. Flynn, you can RIDE me all night. Eh? Eh??
40. Woody Toy Story
There are two types of people in this world: TeamWoody or TeamBuzz. As a hardcore member of TeamWoody, I would have loved to be his cowgirl .Hes reliable and got those big ol dreamy eyes to stare longingly into. So tell me, is that a snake in your boots or are you just happy to see me?

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