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Bart Simpson

Cartoon Characters

Cartoon characters are personas from cartoons, which are animated moving sequences .
Bart Simpson

Another character which cant be left out of this list of cartoon characters. Yep, this naughty one that gets away with a lot of wrong-doings also made the list. He is part of The Simpsons cast.

Bart has been described as a 10 year old, who does and says what he wants. He unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) gets into trouble with everything he does. Can you blame him? With a father like his, where Bart is majorly smarter that dad. He usually wears a lucky red hat, carrying a slingshot in his back pocket and rides his skateboard.

Hes known for pulling pranks, especially prank phone calls to Moes Tavern. Bart also has many catch phrases, for example, Ay caramba!, Get bent, Eat my shorts, Dont have a cow, man and the very famous Doh!. In fact, Barts first words were, Ay caramba!

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