cartoon characters

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Cartoon Characters

Cartoon characters are personas from cartoons, which are animated moving sequences .
51. Snoopy
Now this is a dog close to my heart. Hes been around for ages. Got to love him and never leave him out of a list of cartoon characters.Snoopy is Charlie Browns faithful dog, but he always has a story of his own. One might think that he always lives on top of his doghouse. Its Christmas, Charlie Brown has been enjoyed for generations, and will be for years to come.
52. Spiderman
A legend of his own, Spiderman is man with spider abilities. Intriguing every time, he has many foes to overcome with every episode.Spiderman falls into the class of Batman and Superman, they all made the list of cartoon characters.
53. SpongeBob SquarePants
A squared-shaped sponge who lives under the sea. I had to include him in the list of cartoon characters with no fear. This cartoon premiered in 1999. Since then, the SpongeBob SquarePants characters has become an American icon. He is absorbent, yellow and porous, as the theme song indicates. This little guy is naive and excited all the time. He lives in a pineapple next to Squidward and Patrick.SpongeBob works as a fry cook at the Krusty Krab. He wakes every morning to the sound of a fog horn alarm clock. His favorite past time is jelly fishing. He lives a few fathoms beneath the tropical isle of Bikini Atoll in the sub-surface city of Bikini Bottom.Instead of being logical about everyday challenges, SpongeBob approaches life in a wayward and unconventional way.

Whether searching for the ultimate spatula to perfect his burger flipping technique at the Krusty Krab, or just hanging out with his best friend Patrick, SpongeBobs good intentions and overzealous approach to life usually create chaos in his underwater world.

54. Superman
This guy needs no introduction. Neither could I ever dream of not including him in the list of cartoon characters. Hes been around before everyones time and probably will be after everyone has gone. I think he will always remain a superhero in my heart.
55. The Joker
Sounds like a funny one but he sure is a madman of kind. Just another one of Batmans nemeses. Ooh, creepie. I guess the purple outfit should say something about his mood.
56. Theodore Theo Chipmunk
Bestest friend of Alvin and together they make the most beautiful music as the group called Alvin and the Chipmunks.Theo is the fat one so I assume his the one whos been eating all the cookies. Yet, as plump as he is, he still stays cute.
57. Tigger
Hes not really the brightest bulb in the string, but he sure can glow when he wants to. This tiger jumps on his tail like a spring and keeps the funnies going around.He is one of Winnie the Poohs best friends, and together they sure have fun.
58. Tommy Pickles
As part of the RugRats troop, Tommy are always the innocent one learning a lot of things with his buddies.He doesnt stand a chance against Angelica, but he always seems to come out on top after a grave incident involving her.He had to be added to the list of cartoon characters.
59. Top Cat
The leader of a gang of alley cats, he, known as TC. Hell never admit that they live on the street, but still he gives Office Dibble the long story.Top Cat is cool, but his morals are a tad looser than his gangs, leading to occasional mutiny. Nevertheless, T.C. always remains the leader of the gang.Top Cat was released in 1960 by Hanna-Barbera animation studios.
60. Tweety and Sylvester
Sylvester is always on the prowl to get Tweety, where this little bird simply replies I taught I thaw a putty-tatAnother duo of cartoon characters created by Chuck Jones, that Ive included in the list of cartoon characters.Tweety Bird and Sylvester keeps each other on their toes, with Sylvester losing out on a yummy bird meal every time. It seems he just cant get that yellow, juicy, little bird for lunch. Both their characters keeps the audience watching as Sylvester just might catch Tweety this time.One reason why I prefer to watch Sylvester and Tweety is because the are not like the Tom and Jerry cartoons, where they nearly kill each other, and the next moment they are fine, without a scratch. (This is kind of hard to explain to kids)

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