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Silencing the Inner Critic

Boost Self Confidence

Silencing the Inner Critic

challenging the little voice in your head that loves to criticise you.

Don't be afraid of your negative thoughts: just know them for what they are not the truth, just negative thoughts. Give them no house room in your consciousness and they will dissolve into what they are false ideas, false concepts, with nothing to sustain them. - Nona Coxhead

The Inner Critic is that pernicious little voice inside your head that constantly carps, complains and condemns. It is the voice that sows doubt 'Yes... but.... supposing. You're rubbish at that, you know you are. It will all go wrong, it always does!'

If you let thoughts such as these go unchallenged you give the Inner Critic the power to destroy your confidence and lower your self-esteem. You must learn to tell it to shut up, stop being silly and go away. Then change the thoughts to something positive.

Sometimes all it takes is a single thought .

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